The story of our mental cocoa



Without knowing how, and covered with chocolate up to the eyebrows, we threw caution to the winds, put on our aprons and built a dream factory. A workshop full of enthusiasm, new ideas and a free and transversal vision. Our motto: no boredom. What a cocoa storm we kicked up...



With a smile from ear to ear, as a result of endorphins and eating too much chocolate, we decided to open our first physical store. We need to share the state of transitory mental derangement caused by the seed, the big stink we raise every time we get together to consume it and celebrate that we have been given our first prize: Best Packaging 2000! The joys accumulate. What an adrenaline rush!



Creation generates anxiety by the bucketful and we have 4 buckets/tubes that don't last at all ... We can't take it anymore. We decided to go for a walk to calm our spirits and along the way we meet some wise Japanese who invite us to a Tai-chi session. We calm down quite a bit. As a token of gratitude we decided to unite our knowledge: Chocolates by the truckload in a tube, 4 different flavors and an instruction manual to extend the pleasure of feeding your body while you relax your soul by practicing this ancient art of Asian meditation. But it's hard when success haunts you. We continue to receive awards for the designs of our packaging: Anuaria 2001 in Barcelona, ​​FAD Awards 2001 in London and the Award of Excellence Communication Arts 2001 in California. We are going to die of success or chocolate overdose. We’re under such pressure!!!!



And then we see the light, we realize that we are great and we are as happy as a king. We have always liked sharing, so we decided to broadcast it loudly. You can enter any of our stores tired and worn - life is hard - but you leave being very happy. We continue with the Asian vibes: If it has a remedy, no need to worry and if it doesn’t, there’s no help in worrying whatsoever.



We enter the Era of Good Vibes. Low Cost flights appear and we make stellar trips to other dimensions. But without catering on the way, our stomachs turn into black holes. At that moment of ecstasy everyone says: Let it fly, let it fly. And in an act of faith, in full Marian vision, we created the celestial tray, to calm our most basic needs during the trip, because ... enjoying chocolate always makes time go faster.



We reap what we sow, for innovating, for sharing, for risking and for laughing at life and at ourselves. We have been doing it for many years, but in this case they give us the Prince of Asturias Award. Shall we have a cider chocolate to celebrate? The celestial tray must have some side effects, because we keep floating.



When we try to realize it and put our feet on the ground, we have reached a cocoa plantation in Africa. We remember our origins and the most authentic flavors. The humble locals teach us some curiosities about the cultivation and we return to Barcelona full of new ideas. We have also made a lot of friends in the tribe and we have learned Zulu Bantue. We tell you everything in the UMKHUBA * campaign while we eat the last chocolate chips. What an adventure.



Coming back from Africa has been like the initiation trip of the Beatles to India. Nothing will be like before. African sensuality awakens our instincts. We feel disturbing vibrations and sensations. It can't be, the chocolate talks. A couple of chocolates are sensuously strolling among various assortment boxes. They say they are experts in pleasure. The slabs hear them and burst out laughing. We do not give credit to what we are seeing, have we consumed too much chocolate? When in doubt, and just in case, we decided to expand our business strategy and created a 902 line so that our products feel fulfilled and hinted at at ease. A whole Plesaure Experts campaign. What joys spring gives us...



We receive so many calls to 902 110 759, that we are forced to expand our sweet pleasures throughout the national territory. Stores and more stores full of aphrodisiac endorphins. The increase in size is pleasantly intoxicating and yes… it does matter. That is why we swell we pride even more when we are given the Red-Dot Design Award "Hight Design Quality" and the ED Awards in the same year. Every time we win an award we invent a new flavor, the flavor of victory.


And while our ego grows with so many stores, the world falls apart. They say that life is a repeating cycle. It will be karma or human foolishness (with 77% mental cocoa we are quite lost). The fact is that the Iraq war comes, and our free nature makes us go out on the streets like in May 68, shouting bag in hand: Peace, Love and Chocolate! When things get ugly, the best thing is to reinvent yourself and keep dreaming… because dreaming is living sitting on the clouds and that's what we do with Vueling this Christmas: Give away chocolate clouds. We recommend not using them as a pillow during the trip, they melt with the drool circles.



But those clouds have something, it is impossible not to fall asleep. What a panorama when we wake up. Everybody looks at us: the brown face, the brown seat, the brown humor… Hide and go incognito? Impossible. To overcome this moment we have to mess it up even more, so we decided to renew our brand starting with the stores. The process will be long, long enough for people to forget ... The brown mess.



During the process we go from white to black, we meet new people, we change strategy and each store becomes a kabuki work: There is nothing more suggestive than shadow to enhance a flash of light, a succulent chocolate, a packaging full of endorphins. It's not that we've gotten serious, it's that we just turned 18! And we are not going to deprive ourselves of anything ... We want to test each of the 5 senses, especially that of "good" taste: Skin, Nose, Lip, Mouth, Tongue, saliva. Living Chocolat Sensations.



The lag lasts us a year. With so much use of meaning - or for lack of it - we have shattered ears, raw fingers, red eyes, dry mouth and itchy noses. We hide in the cave to recover from so much party and from that intimate moment The Origin is born, a trunk full of energy, made of sweet, bitter, salty, spicy, fragile and changeable chocolate slabs like life itself. A tribute to our first product, the most basic, organic and authentic. Chocolate sheets, without molds, infinite, unique and different shapes. 100% entropy.



And if we go back to the origin of our being, why not the origin of chocolate? With the backpack on our shoulders we are going to look for pure flavors from all over the world. We crossed rivers, discovered treasures, tried new exotic and brutal flavors, new mixes. Asian, African and Caribbean luxuries. We meet a powerful shaman in Mexico, endless beaches in Papua, beauties in Venezuela, an imposing volcano in Ecuador and a natural reserve in Tanzania that drives us crazy. From each site we take a pebble… of chocolate. An amulet that will protect us on our journey. The return is long and we eat them all. Thumbelina, Hansel or Grettel would surely give us a good slap. Thinking of them we prepare more boxes filled The Amulets.



Tree-mendous. This is our new Advent calendar. Tree-mendously large, like the year ahead, full of new chocolates. We make a difference with the best recipes we've ever created. Japanese flavors. If you run out you'll want to do the Harakiri. To avoid this, please stop by our stores and we will fill you with attention under the soft shade of the almond tree. And if you can't, we send you The envelope. Delicious chocolate letter that you will devour while reading its message.



Masks, gloves, alcohol and fear. The cocktail of the "new" normality. Stores closed. Life stopped. We are in first grade of apocalypse and we are going to suspend. You don't cough to become important because they give you a fine.


The digital world is accelerating. What would happen in a few years is anticipated and comes now.


From here this story is yours. There is nothing better than buying clandestine chocolate at dawn, in a tuxedo and slippers ... And you know it ...

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